Fiction: The Red Forest

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The necromancer kept the forest at the center of her demesne in a state of perpetual autumn. It wasn’t a dead wood, but forever on the cusp. The canopy of vermillion and gold celebrated the beauty of the final moments, the view from the Bridge over the River.
Her colleagues visited her often These necromancers were invariably dressed in black and gray, and traveled in ebon coaches drawn by skeletal horses. They marveled at her colorful forest, and inquired how she drew power from it.
She didn’t, actually, but she considered the aesthetics important. “Have some style guys,” she’d huff.

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The City: 024: Hiro

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They gathered in Midas Park.  It stretched for miles, in the middle of The City, a patchwork of famous public spaces from a hundred terrestrial cities, and more so fanciful they could only have been designed there.
Hiro waited in front of Osaka Castle.  There, the cherry blossoms always fell, and it had an excellent view of both the Sphinx and Old Faithful.  Plus, he could see the building-sized screens covering the announcement.  A crowd of milling Daytrippers and uncertain Citizens was already gathering beneath them.  It was several hours before Dawn and the others arrived, looking completely frazzled.

The City: 015: Julia

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Julia had been a cop in The City for over five years.  Some of her friends had chided her for taking such a safe assignment, but she didn’t care.  The City had rules just like anyplace else, and of course special care had to be applied in enforcing them.  But this was nothing she’d trained for.  She called dispatch.
“Marcy, this is Julia out in Commerce Station..  I’ve got one hell of a case here.”
“What’s up?”
“Jane doe jumped at a moving train as it was entering the platform.”
“That shouldn’t happen.”
“That’s not the weird part.  There’s a body.”

The City: 008: Norm

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Twenty floors below, the Personal Banking Center was opening its doors.  People preferred to do their banking in The City.  Midas was very proud of the fact that they had never been robbed since they were open.  Or so City Records would have you believe.
There’s a first time for everything, Norm thought, adjusting his glasses and hat in a chromed pillar.  He waited around the lobby for a cubicle drone, and made a careful catalog of entrances, exits, cameras, and visible security measures.  It could be done.  He tried not to smirk during the mortgage consultation.  It wasn’t easy.