Short Fiction

Published Shorts:

Masks – Short Editions / The Short Story Dispenser, 05/17/2022 (Text, Free)

Dragon Dealer – Factor Four Magazine, 04/27/2022 (Text, Free)

Trapper – Metastellar Magazine 12/2021 (Text, Free)

Prompt Succor – Silver Blade Magazine Issue 50, 08/2021 (Text, Free)

A Woman of the Old School – Speculative North Magazine #4, 02/2021 (Print/eBook)

The Head That Wears the Crown– The No Sleep Podcast, 10/2020 (Audio)

Beach Reads – Spaceports & Spider Silk, 06/2020 (Print)

The Offer – Guilty Pleasures and Other Dark Delights, 10/4/19 (Print)

The Montressor Method – Quoth the Raven,10/07/2018 (Print/Ebook)

The Waiting Doom – The Melting Potcast, 08/01/2018 (Audio, Free)

Wishes – Fantasia Divinity Magazine, 05/2018 (Text, Free)

Masks – Iridium Magazine, 2/28/2018 (Text, Free)

Ears to the Ground-The Melting Potcast, 1/15/2018 (Audio, Free)

Monster Hunting-Dark Fire Fiction, 05/2017 (Text, Free)

Monster Hunting- The Melting Potcast, 11/2016 (Audio, Free)

The Wizard’s Chamber- The Melting Potcast, 11/2016 (Audio, Free)-

A Woman of the Old School- Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, 02/2016 (Print/Ebook)

The Ice Box- The Melting Potcast, 08/2015 (Audio, Free)

Prompt Succor- Dirty Magick: New Orleans, 04/2015 (Print/Ebook)

“The Duke’s Fountain”- Wicked Words Quarterly, 09/2014 (Ebook)

The Montressor Method- Over My Dead Body! Magazine, 05/2014 (Text, Free)

A Splash on the Big Bridge- Every Photo Tells, 10/2013 (Audio, Free)

The Path to Power: Advice to the Graduating Class of 2012- A Method to the Madness:  A Guide to the Super Evil, 07/2013 (Print/Ebook)

Blocked!- Bards and Sages Quarterly, 04/2013 (Print/Ebook)

The Gauntlet- Every Photo Tells, 12/2012 (Audio, Free)

Lou’s Journey- Every Photo Tells, 06/2012 (Audio, Free)

The Crash- The Every Photo Tells Podcast, 01/2012 (Audio, Free)

The Brisingamen- Flagship Magazine, 06/2011 (Ebook/Audio)

Moving Mountains- The Every Photo Tells Podcast, 06/2011 (Audio, Free)

The Space War- Pot Luck Flash Fiction, 05/2011 (Ebook)

The Waiting- Air Out My Shorts, 10/2010 (Audio, Free)

On Duty- Buffalo Tales Literary Magazine, 12/2009 (Print)

The Waiting- Buffalo Tales Literary Magazine, 10/2009 (Print)


The Halloween Gig


For Sale By Owner

The City: A Story in 140 Characters

Donations For Life (Drabble)

The Space War

The Canals of Mars (Drabble)

The Freelance Hunters:  The Gold Equations

The Peter Jackson Version of this Drabble is 100 Pages Long

The Freelance Hunters:  The Least Unicorn

The Decision


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  1. Ray Daley
    Aug 14, 2021 @ 12:34:02

    Prompt Succor now has an ISFDB listing. I put it up.


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