The City: 029: Nora

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Nora frowned after the cat and sat down on the bench next to Hiro.  She furiously typed into her messenger.  Between the six of them, they spoke ten languages, but there was not one they all shared fluently. So they typed, and used translations to be understood.
Paulo and I had an awful time getting here.  The trains are all shut down.  Nora wrote.
A woman got hit by one. Hiro replied.
Is it?  Dawn typed.  Or is it just so unlikely that it never happened before?  The Man sold out and the trains stop.  No such thing as coincidence.


The City: 024: Hiro

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They gathered in Midas Park.  It stretched for miles, in the middle of The City, a patchwork of famous public spaces from a hundred terrestrial cities, and more so fanciful they could only have been designed there.
Hiro waited in front of Osaka Castle.  There, the cherry blossoms always fell, and it had an excellent view of both the Sphinx and Old Faithful.  Plus, he could see the building-sized screens covering the announcement.  A crowd of milling Daytrippers and uncertain Citizens was already gathering beneath them.  It was several hours before Dawn and the others arrived, looking completely frazzled.