The City: 060: Douglas

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“Let’s bring in our Tech Corespondent on this point.  Douglas, could a train in The City kill a person?”  Douglas pushed the glasses up on his nose.
“Well, it isn’t a real train, but ‘deaths’ in The City are often traumatic.  Video of the accident has been streaming all over Youtube, and the lines were completely shut down.  As for how it happened, some users are reporting suspicious malware disguised as a firmware update causing glitches. She may have downloaded a virus.”
“We’ll take a closer look at the causes of Boot Syndrome after a pause for local news updates.”


The City: 059: Starla

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“If I may,” said the American woman live on feed from Virginia.
“Yes, Ms. Roberts, Go ahead.”
“I’m at the home of Sandra Davis, a City user who was discovered dead early this morning.  Investigations are still ongoing, and the CPD and Midas Corp have not commented, but reports indicate she was struck by a commuter train in The City itself.  Ms. Davis was already in frail health after a car accident last year, and the trauma gave her a heart attack.”
Jonathan cut her off.  “The only way for that to happen is if she illegally modded her system.”

The City: 031: Janelle

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In the decorative morgue, the former avatar of Sandra sat upright and looked around. At least, it gave the impression that it was looking around.  It lacked half of its face.  Janelle stepped forward.
“Contact with the user must have been reestablished,” she said.  “Hello, I’m Janelle Smith, with Midas Quality control.  We’d like to talk with out about your user experience.”  The living corpse turned to look at her, and spoke in a robotic voice.
“Change is coming to The City.  Death is coming to The City.  Destruction is coming to The City.”  It collapsed back onto the gurney.

The City: 25: Marcy

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Marcy, along with Commissioner Jenkins and a delegation of IT and QA people met Julia and the corpse in the City Morgue.  As far as she knew, it was the first time it had ever been used.  After pleasantries, one of them played coroner and conducted a thorough examination.  Aside from its already missing head, the corpse remained intact.
“Well, it’s certainly malicious code,” he said.
“Can you ID her?” Marcy asked.
“No, her credentials have been scrambled.  This is nasty stuff.”
“Can we boot the user?” Jenkins asked.
“The eject code isn’t responding.”
And then the corpse sat upright.

The City: 020: Floyd

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The Meal Delivery Truck arrived at the house on time for breakfast.  Floyd readied the tray and rang the bell.  Sandra was one of his favorite clients.  She had seen a lot of hardships in her life, and a bad car accident had left her housebound.  She fought on though.  She had a job with Midas, and was so proud of the complicated rig of goggles and gear that let her lead a normal life in The City.  When nobody answered, he peeked in a window.  He saw her body sprawled in her office, and immediately he called emergency services.

The City: 015: Julia

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Julia had been a cop in The City for over five years.  Some of her friends had chided her for taking such a safe assignment, but she didn’t care.  The City had rules just like anyplace else, and of course special care had to be applied in enforcing them.  But this was nothing she’d trained for.  She called dispatch.
“Marcy, this is Julia out in Commerce Station..  I’ve got one hell of a case here.”
“What’s up?”
“Jane doe jumped at a moving train as it was entering the platform.”
“That shouldn’t happen.”
“That’s not the weird part.  There’s a body.”

The City: 010: Frank

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Frank was a train driver for The City.  It was a good job, even if it didn’t pay well.  It beat slinging burgers.  It beat just about any job he could get Outside.  And Frank’s options were very limited.
The crash had been, an accident.  But after getting his ‘time to think,’ he understood that accidents weren’t just products of random chance, but bad decisions.  One bad decision had cause so much suffering.  At least in The City, he could still drive a train.  He eased her into Commercial Station.
The woman stepped from the platform just ahead of him.

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