Fiction: Talking Heads

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“No, no, trust me,” Mimir said. “Pho Sure on Main and 27th Street is where you want to go.”
“And you’re sure they’re the best Thai place in the city?” Odin asked. The disembodied head grimaced.
“Would you dare doubt my wisdom, All-Father? Go, and see for yourself. And maybe bring me back a spring roll as I am trapped forever in this well.”
“That’s just it. How can you review restaurants if you never go out?”
“All knowledge flows to me through the roots of the World Tree. Plus, Ratatosk told me of something the mortals call ‘Yelp.'”

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Fiction: Last Wish

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“You buried him with the keys?” Susan asked, stunned.
“It was his dying wish,” Frank said. “He started the store, and it seemed right to bury him with the keys in his pocket.” She just stared at him, her tear-stained face hardened into something cold rage. After a moment, she excused herself and stomped out of the room.
“You have the spares, right?” Naomi asked. Frank grinned sheepishly at her. “Jesus Christ, Frank.”
Susan returned, a phone in one hand and a shovel in the other.
“We’re reopening on Monday. You can either call a locksmith, or get digging.

This story originally appeared in Everyday Drabbles, a daily fiction project on Wattpad. Click the link for more free hundred-word short stories. And if you enjoyed it, why not buy me a coffee?
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Fiction: Tinker

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The stop was like every frontier town: Dusty, with not much visible from the air but the ruins. She set the airship down on the flat expanse of a former megastore.
Her propellers were all the advertising she needed. Within five minutes, townsfolk were congregating, carrying broken-down electronics and walking motorcycles. She’d repair what she could here, buy some of the rest, and take a few orders, in case she found parts someplace else. Maybe they’d be even buy something.
In a week, she’d take off again, headed for the next town. There was still so much to fix.

This story originally appeared as a part of Everyday Drabbles, a daily flash fiction project found on Wattpad. Click the link for a new hundred-word story every day.

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Fiction: Patrol

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A week of unexpected snowfall had paralyzed the city. The protector loaded his mobile fortress for the long night ahead of him and checked his supplies one more time: shovels, flares, thermoses of cocoa, coffee, and soup. He had plenty of blankets, hats, gloves, and coats to distribute. He had everything he needed.
Nobody robbed a bank in a blizzard. Except for Weather Girl, of course. But this was the time of year he felt the most useful. Stopping robberies and chasing super-villains was all status quo work. During the winter, he actually felt like he made a difference.

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Fiction: Fire Arrow

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The Elemental Creators all stared in horror as the Fire God’s javelin slammed into the Sea Goddess’s chest in a pillar of flame. Silence rang throughout the slowly forming plane. She slowly pulled the projectile out and examined it dispassionately as the flame guttered.
The other gods all looked on, ready to intervene if he attacked her again.
“Can we all get back to work, please?” The goddess asked in a voice like the tides.
Once they all resumed their work creating the fledgling world, the formless Wind Deity whispered in her ear. “Aren’t you mad though?”
“Steaming,” She replied.

This story was first published on Wattpad as a part of Everyday Drabbles, a daily hundred-word writing project. Click the link for more free flash fiction!

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Fiction: The Highwayman’s Trial

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“What’s the catch?” The highwayman asked, suspiciously eyeing the fine horse presented to him.
“The trail is simple,” The judge replied. “Just ride through these woods, and you are free to go.”
“What’s in there, then?” He looked out at the dark forrest. It must’ve been a trap, but all the villagers were here, he thought.
“Only the ghosts you take with you, sir.”
The highwayman mounted up, thinking only of how much gold he could get for such a horse and thanking God for superstitious backwaters.
The next day, the horse was found wandering the other side. Riderless, naturally.

This story first appeared as a part of my project Everyday Drabbles! Visit the link for a new free hundred-word short story every day!

Fiction: The Home of Rest

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“Ho, what fair yonder maiden does my elf eye see?” Aoife jumped in surprise and looked up. There was Mr. Aradol, bathrobe flapping in the breeze and long white hair streaming behind him. She sighed.
Some folks thought elves were immortal. It wasn’t true, of course. They lived for centuries, longer even than some dragons, but they succumbed to the same infirmities of time as anyone.
Aofie hated working the Elvish Dementia ward. Some idiot had left the door unlocked last night, forgetting how hale some of the residents were. She’d be pulling them out of the trees all morning.

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