The City: 086: Trevor

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“Good evening, I’m Trevor Hollingsworth.”  He looked into the camera and made his grave face.  “Public health officials are warning users to refrain from logging in to popular computer program “The City,” as rumors of widespread ‘Boot Syndrome’ are sweeping the globe.  Midas Corporation, the owners of The City have yet to issue a statement.  The virtual environment software is used by billions of people worldwide, and is used for everything from virtual chatting to finance to virtual reality office environments.  The program has been plagued with errors since former CEO Augustus Sizemore announced his sale of Midas stock shares.”


The City: 060: Douglas

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“Let’s bring in our Tech Corespondent on this point.  Douglas, could a train in The City kill a person?”  Douglas pushed the glasses up on his nose.
“Well, it isn’t a real train, but ‘deaths’ in The City are often traumatic.  Video of the accident has been streaming all over Youtube, and the lines were completely shut down.  As for how it happened, some users are reporting suspicious malware disguised as a firmware update causing glitches. She may have downloaded a virus.”
“We’ll take a closer look at the causes of Boot Syndrome after a pause for local news updates.”

The City: 059: Starla

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“If I may,” said the American woman live on feed from Virginia.
“Yes, Ms. Roberts, Go ahead.”
“I’m at the home of Sandra Davis, a City user who was discovered dead early this morning.  Investigations are still ongoing, and the CPD and Midas Corp have not commented, but reports indicate she was struck by a commuter train in The City itself.  Ms. Davis was already in frail health after a car accident last year, and the trauma gave her a heart attack.”
Jonathan cut her off.  “The only way for that to happen is if she illegally modded her system.”

The City: 058: Jonathan

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Jonathan scoffed.  “A few cases, Doctor?  The City has a user base of over a billion people!  It has been running for over five years, and since the beginning, proper use of Logout Housing has effectively proven that the technology running The City is safe and reliable.  There are even safeguards for interrupted connections and power outages with the latest updates.  The City is perfectly safe!”  He slammed his fist on the table for emphasis.  He was a paltry stockholder in Midas Corp, but even his few shares had made him a rich man.  He planned on staying that way.

The City: 057: Ophira

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Ophira sat back in her chair and tried not to look contemptuous as the host, an idiot, she decided at the first, worked his way to a halfway intelligent question.  He didn’t quite get there.  “Virtual Reality Displacement Syndrome,” or what we are referring to Boot Syndrome, is a new phenomenon, only prevalent in higher level simulations such as The City.  Because of the realistic nature of the environment, the human mind has trouble parsing a sudden shift between the two, with a wide range of heath effects, including headaches, blackouts, neurological trauma, and in a few cases, even death.”

The City: 056: Nigel

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“Welcome back to News Focus, I’m your host Nigel Smythe.  Today’s topic is “The City:  virtual paradise, or secret health risk?”  With me today is Dr. Ophira Notingham, an expert in what is called ‘Boot Syndrome,’ futurist Jonathan Isaacs, from America Starla Roberts, and BBC Tech Corespondent Douglas Pine.  Thank you all for being here.”  Nigel turned to the table of panelists.  He had been against the topic.  He could barely use his laptop, and now he had to sit as four nerds sat debated the health effects of eye strain.  He smiled warmly.  “Doctor, let me start with you…”