The Voyage 022: Trevor

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At the other end of the ship, Trevor finished preparations in the first class lounge.  He adjusted the tablecloths, made certain that the bar was secure, and locked the shutters.  Only a few minutes before launch.  As he glanced out the panoramic canopy at the handlers scrambling below, it struck him how nearly upside-down the ship was.  Only on an airship would the luxury accommodations be on the lowest deck, afforded both breathtaking views and the greatest distance from the hydrogen gas bags which kept the vessel afloat.  He straightened as a line of ladies and gentlemen sauntered in.

The City: 086: Trevor

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“Good evening, I’m Trevor Hollingsworth.”  He looked into the camera and made his grave face.  “Public health officials are warning users to refrain from logging in to popular computer program “The City,” as rumors of widespread ‘Boot Syndrome’ are sweeping the globe.  Midas Corporation, the owners of The City have yet to issue a statement.  The virtual environment software is used by billions of people worldwide, and is used for everything from virtual chatting to finance to virtual reality office environments.  The program has been plagued with errors since former CEO Augustus Sizemore announced his sale of Midas stock shares.”