The City: 027: Renee

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The shoebox apartment wasn’t much to look at.  It didn’t even have a window.  It was just a single light bulb, a card table, and a phone.  The only thing she had to look at was Norm pacing and mumbling to himself three feet away.  She knew enough about virtual architecture to know that this room could be any dimensions, filled with whatever they could imagine.  But they needed to remain anonymous and inconspicuous.  Breaking The City’s rules would bring notice.  The phone rang and she answered.
“I understand.  The meeting’s tonight.  You know where.”  She hung up.  “Frank’s in.”

The City: 026: Nick

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After Julia cleared him to leave, Frank still had to meet with his manager, Nick.  He was in no mood to deal with the weaselly paper pusher.
“How the hell could you screw up like this, Frank?”  The little toad asked.
“She shouldn’t have been able to do that.  I was going the right speed.”
“But you hit her anyway, just like you hit that kid…”  Frank got up and decked him.  His avatar registered the hit and collapsed.  Nick didn’t feel it, though.  Frank was too angry to care.
“That was the last straw, Dumbass!  You’re suspended, without pay!”

The City: 010: Frank

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Frank was a train driver for The City.  It was a good job, even if it didn’t pay well.  It beat slinging burgers.  It beat just about any job he could get Outside.  And Frank’s options were very limited.
The crash had been, an accident.  But after getting his ‘time to think,’ he understood that accidents weren’t just products of random chance, but bad decisions.  One bad decision had cause so much suffering.  At least in The City, he could still drive a train.  He eased her into Commercial Station.
The woman stepped from the platform just ahead of him.