The City: 095: Chandra

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Chandra saw the man by the door boot the hero before he got the gun away from the kid, then point the weapon at him.
“You left your goddamn phone on?”  Norm asked.  There were four that she could see, all with guns.  There were others in the back, doing something in the vault.  She just came in to check her balance before logging off.
“Sorry sir.  Something weird is going on outside.”
“Something weird?  You idiot.  You’re off the team.”  Norm never got a chance to fire.  The glass doors burst inward and the zombie was on him first.

The City: 080: Taddeo

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While his coworker Matilda sat gaping at the ruined tower, Taddeo was busy tapping out texts into his messenger, all cyphered and encrypted of course.  The Cops weren’t letting them text, but he had a special hack from Renee.  It let him text without sending any signals to his avatar, so he could type away while its hands were still.
Norm was quick to reply.
Taddeo wanted to hit something.  They were going ahead with the robbery at a branch location, which made him culpable, but with no cut.


The City: 054: Warren

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In a quieter part of The City, Warren knocked on the door of a shoebox apartment.  The others were already inside.  Renee peered out from behind the chained door, then let him in.  There were seven of them in total.  Not a big crew, but large enough that there could be complications.  He didn’t know most of them.
“Do you have them?”  Norm asked from his seat at the head of the card table.  Warren recalled his inventory and pulled out a bag.  He upended it onto the table.
“Seven boot guns,” he said.  “stripped and ready for avatar bonding.”

The City: 027: Renee

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The shoebox apartment wasn’t much to look at.  It didn’t even have a window.  It was just a single light bulb, a card table, and a phone.  The only thing she had to look at was Norm pacing and mumbling to himself three feet away.  She knew enough about virtual architecture to know that this room could be any dimensions, filled with whatever they could imagine.  But they needed to remain anonymous and inconspicuous.  Breaking The City’s rules would bring notice.  The phone rang and she answered.
“I understand.  The meeting’s tonight.  You know where.”  She hung up.  “Frank’s in.”

The City: 008: Norm

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Twenty floors below, the Personal Banking Center was opening its doors.  People preferred to do their banking in The City.  Midas was very proud of the fact that they had never been robbed since they were open.  Or so City Records would have you believe.
There’s a first time for everything, Norm thought, adjusting his glasses and hat in a chromed pillar.  He waited around the lobby for a cubicle drone, and made a careful catalog of entrances, exits, cameras, and visible security measures.  It could be done.  He tried not to smirk during the mortgage consultation.  It wasn’t easy.