The City: 055: Mina

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Frank whistled, but the others just stared at them, as though Warren had released a deadly snake in the two room apartment.  Mina eyed him suspiciously.  “How did you get so many clean guns?”  She asked.
“CPD headquarters has been going nuts all day.  It was easy to sneak down to the supply terminal, fake my boss’s access, and grab them.  We’ll hit the bank and be gone before he knows they were fabricated.”
“But how will we bond with them?” Ingmar, the youngest of the group, asked.  “We don’t have clearance for that.”
“Leave that to me,” Renee said.

The City: 054: Warren

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In a quieter part of The City, Warren knocked on the door of a shoebox apartment.  The others were already inside.  Renee peered out from behind the chained door, then let him in.  There were seven of them in total.  Not a big crew, but large enough that there could be complications.  He didn’t know most of them.
“Do you have them?”  Norm asked from his seat at the head of the card table.  Warren recalled his inventory and pulled out a bag.  He upended it onto the table.
“Seven boot guns,” he said.  “stripped and ready for avatar bonding.”