Everyday Drabbles #441: Noir Love Letter

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Night fell over the city like a sable blanket. Fog rose off of the river and met the darkening sky as the skyscrapers lit like Christmas trees.
I walked along the water and watched the ballet of light and shadow, thinking. Somewhere out there was a mystery waiting to be solved. A beautiful woman with an ugly mind was plotting intricate revenge against her cheating husband. Shadowy thugs were plotting in the back room of some smoky gin joint. There were a thousand dirty stories waiting to be found in that concrete labyrinth, waiting for me.
I loved this city.

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Podcast: Everyday Drabbles Audio #6 – The Cur’s Quest

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Today’s story is The Cur’s Quest.
Written, narrated and produced by Hugh J. O’Donnell.
This episode’s musical track is “7 Milliards,” Dark Fantasy Studio, composed and produced by Nicolas Jeudy.

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