Podcast Repost: CCR65 – The Ape Man (1943)

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Tonight your hosts, Hugh, Rich the Time Traveler, Opopanax, and Jurd, get back to their bread and butter: Bela Lugosi and apes.

For those who have yet to see it:

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This podcast was originally published at Skinner.FM on Sunday, May 9, 2021.

Podcast Repost – NPB9: Media Break

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Welcome to Nostalgia Pilots! This week, Hugh, Jason, and Jurd take a break and discuss what we’ve been watching and playing outside of the Gundam franchise. Enjoy!

This episode’s topics:

The Falcon & the Winter Soldier

The Wonder Egg Priority

Jujutsu Kaisen


Dragon Quest Adventure of Dai


The Terror


Rain On Your Parade

This podcast was originally posted at NostalgiaPilots.com on Sunday, May 9th, 2021.

Hugh Likes Video Games: Rain on Your Parade

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Rain on your Parade
Unbound Creations
Played on PC

The Skinny – Cloudy with a 100% chance of MAYHEM!!1!

Inspired by games like Donut County and Untitled Goose Game, Rain on your Parade puts players in the driver’s seat of a mischievous cloud in a dazzling paper-craft world. Using a set of weather-based powers, players journey through fifty mission-based levels to reach their ultimate goal, the mythical city of… Seattle!

With tongue firmly in cheek, this clever little game delivers on a wide variety of challenges as you work your way across the world. The weather powers are fun to use and are constantly mixed up. Rain soaks people and can be used for other puzzle objectives like growing crops, but can be remixed by soaking up other substances, like oil which can be used to start fires with your lightning ability. Snow and tornado powers also let the player freeze objects or manipulate the environment, although both are unlocked fairly late in the game.

The levels, which range from beaches to grocery stores to the surface of the moon, are cleverly designed, although a few are VERY short. The writing in Rain on your Parade is the real highlight of the experience. It is wickedly sharp and unexpectedly varied in its targets. One mission will have you ruining a pool party by soaking all the sunbathers, but the next will have you delivering coffee in a parody of The Office or pulling off a museum heist. There’s always something new to do, with a clever twist to the mechanics in each level. The sharp, funny writing carries the game as well.

The paper-craft aesthetic of the world is also well implemented and helps to keep the game lighthearted and fun. The player’s cloud, which can be customized with hats, accessories, and a face you can redraw to your liking, is made of cardboard. The human figures resemble Fisher-Price Little People, and the settings and objects have a paper-craft aesthetic. It feels much more akin to overturning a toy box than a GTA-style rampage. This is reinforced by the brief story sections that frame the action as a bedtime story.

While the puzzles are varied, most of the levels themselves are pretty short and won’t require quick reflexes to solve. They mostly boil down to using the correct order of abilities on the right objects to solve a condition, then watching the effects play out.

Rain on Your Parade is a clever little gem of a game, perfect for unwinding, but it sits firmly into its niche as a casual toy chest of an experience. If you’re looking to relax with a bit of silly destruction, I highly recommend it.

Everyday Drabbles #491: Hidden Message

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The police found the strange device in a raid on a thieves’ den. The antique device was a brass dodecahedron, with lenses on two faces.
But the machine didn’t seem to do anything. Until one day a detective idly held it up to his eye and scanned the office.
Looking through the scope, he saw a bright red arrow painted on the wall. He put the device down and looked again. The arrow was only visible through the mysterious object. Something in his gut told him to follow it, and it led him to the strangest case in his career.

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Everyday Drabbles #490: Mother’s Day

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She was the terror of a thousand worlds, the creator of innumerable horrors. Her name was spoken in terrified whispers, in mournful howls, or in most cases, not at all.
She was the mother of Chaos. She birthed Destruction and Strife throughout the galaxy. And she waited in her lair and listened for news of her children, who never wrote and seldom called.
She didn’t really mind. She sat on her rock and listened to the ends of civilization and it was enough. But there was a corner of her black heart that would’ve liked a card on Mother’s Day.

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Everyday Drabbles #489: World’s Largest

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“You have to stop the unveiling!” I cried. Outside, the crowd was growing restless. “You’ve opened a doorway you can’t possibly hope to close. The action you’ve taken invites a response.”
The mayor glared at me with contempt. “This town has invested a lot of time and money into this project. We have sponsorships from three major candy companies, and a whole fleet of news vans out there. Las Calinas is getting into the record books with the World’s Largest Piñata.”
“You don’t understand,” I began, but I was too late. I already heard the earth-shaking approach of giant footsteps.

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Everyday Drabbles #488: Dragon Knight

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He inherited the dragon from his father. Or more accurately, the dragon chose him to be his father’s successor. The creature was clearly intelligent, but it made little effort to communicate and seemed to speak no language.
It just stared at him with its bright, questioning eyes.
There were old stories of knights riding dragons into battle. His father would never speak of such things, and it had made no overtures.
The boy couldn’t command the dragon, but being chosen made him want to do better, pursue justice, and protect the innocent. Things were going just as the dragon hoped.

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Everyday Drabbles #487: Temple of Darkness

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When she was chosen to be a priestess at the Temple of Darkness, she felt deeply honored and overwhelmed. Of the kingdom’s great temples, it wasn’t so prestigious a placement as the Light Temple or the Water Temple, but she was sure they were going to seal her up in the Earth Temple or make her sweat in the Fire Temple.
The other acolytes openly pitied her. It was not a glamorous assignment. But she wasn’t afraid of the dark.
But it was a long time and many bruised ankles before she learned the trick of not bumping into altars.

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Everyday Drabbles #486: Corpse Coffee

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Waking the dead was a complicated and difficult process. Those who studied the non-blasphemous arts often assumed it was just a matter of making the right infernal pact or carving the right dread sigil under the new moon.
But as he arranged his tools, the necromancer meditated on the difficulties of his craft. The reagents required were rare and had to be expertly prepared to have the proper effect.
And most importantly, you had to give the dead reason to stir from the comfort and safety of the grave.
As the coffee finished brewing, the zombies queued for a cup.

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Everyday Drabbles #485: Robot Dinosaur

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“We can’t bring dinosaurs back to life – so we went in a different direction.” The lead engineer lifted the drop cloth and revealed a robotic dinosaur skeleton underneath. On the other end of the video call, his employer furrowed her brow.
“It’s smaller than I was expecting.”
“This is just a prototype, of course. We’ll be able to scale up once we get into production.”
“And they’ll be completely lifelike?”
“Well, our team will have to make some guesses on their behaviors, but yes. When were you planning on opening the theme park?”
“What theme park?” his supervillain boss asked.

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