Fiction: The Deal

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“Serve me, and you will be provided for. You and all your children, for all of time. That is what I am offering you. To not die in the wet and cold, to never again be starving and afraid. Always will you have fuel, and you will be tended to.”
“And the price?”
“A few menial tasks, nothing that you couldn’t do easily. Cook my food. Warm my home. Give me light to see by.” The human smiled. The smoke shifted, and the Spirit of Fire seemed as though it tilted its head, considering him.
“You have a bargain, human.”


The Freelance Hunters: Glory’s Gauntlet

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An ebook collecting all four of this year’s “Freelance Hunters” stories is finally up!  Available from Amazon or Smashwords, the volume contains “Glory’s Gauntlet,” “Blocked!” “The Least Unicorn,” and “A Splash on the Big Bridge!”  There’s a lot more coming from our band of misfit adventurers in 2014, so keep your eyes peeled here!