Announcing The Mountain’s Shadow!

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Hello Readers!
I’m proud to announce that the long-awaited first collection of Everyday Drabbles is now available for orders and preorders on Amazon!
The Mountain’s Shadow collects three-hundred of the best Everyday Drabbles written between 2018 and 2020. I originally started the project on Wattpad, and some haven’t been published outside of that site until now! The collection features a gorgeous cover by Natasja Hellenthal and is available to order as a paperback now!
The ebook copy will be available on April 30th and is available for preorder.
This collection features a huge number of hundred-word stories that will take you from the hearts of the secret, magical forests to the fringes of outer space, and everywhere in between!
I hope you enjoy this collection of curated drabbles, and I’ll see you tomorrow for another story!

The Freelance Hunters: Glory’s Gauntlet

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An ebook collecting all four of this year’s “Freelance Hunters” stories is finally up!  Available from Amazon or Smashwords, the volume contains “Glory’s Gauntlet,” “Blocked!” “The Least Unicorn,” and “A Splash on the Big Bridge!”  There’s a lot more coming from our band of misfit adventurers in 2014, so keep your eyes peeled here!