Fiction: Fire Breather

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Glory Bywater, freelance hunter and consulting mage, listened to the heiress’s request with some confusion.
“If I understand correctly, you require a mansion-sized fireproofing charm for your new pet?”
“That’s quite correct. She’s an adorable little thing, but she breathes fire, you see. I just can’t bear the thought of keeping her outside.”
“I recognize that it may be considered cruel, but have you considered simply removing her flame sacs?” The woman looked at her with contempt.
“I’m afraid that’s out of the question. I require the enchantment.”
“Might I ask why?”
“Because the poor devil will suffocate, obviously!”

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Podcast: “The Waiting Doom” on The Melting Podcast!

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Hello listeners and readers!

Have you heard the latest Freelance Hunters story on The Melting Potcast?

Well, wait no longer, because you can hear it, and all the rest of their excellence from their fourth anniversary show HERE!

When Joachim catches a stubborn cold, Glory takes him to one of her friends for treatment. While Joachim complains about Riverfolk medicine, he’s more concerned about his fellow patients!

Thanks to A. F. Grappin for lending their considerable narration talents to this story! Go and check out The Melting Potcast for more great podcast fiction!

Podcast: “Ears to the Ground” on The Melting Potcast!

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Hey Freelancers!

Have you heard the latest Freelance Hunters story, as presented by the ever-extraordinary Melting Potcast crew? Well wait no longer, and click HERE!

When the town of Corn Hall is reported missing, the Freelance Hunters grudgingly return to investigate, but nothing can prepare them for what they find there.

As always, thanks to August, Erin, and Theo for another great performance!

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Podcast: TFH 2.1: Live at Balticon 51!

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Hello Freelancers!

Welcome to Season Two of the Freelance Hunters! We’re starting out with a live recording from Balticon 51! I was joined by friends of the show A. F. Grappin and Erin Kazmark of The Melting Potcast in a live-reading of chapter one of the in-development Freelance Hunters novel, The Shadow Over Ironwood! We also answered questions and gave away fabulous prizes!

Click HERE to listen for yourself!


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Opening: “The Lion and the Unicorn,” Dimension Bucket, in the public domain, obtained through FreePD.com!

Closing: “Crunk Knight,” Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com!

Promo: The Melting Potcast

The Freelance Hunters logo designed by Alex White.

Next time: The Freelance Hunters in “Checkpoint!”

Up At Patreon: The Shadow Over Ironwood!

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Now on Patreon: The Freelance Hunters: The Shadow Over Ironwood!


When Glory and Joachim save an Elf girl from an angry mob, she begs them to help her forest home. But The Ironwood is a deadly maze of traps and magical creatures that no outside has ever escaped alive, and the girl is pursued by implacable enemies. Can the pair of them get along long enough to save their own skin, much less save the day? And where has Bingo gone to?

Sunday Nights at my Patreon page, I’ll post a new chapter of this action-packed adventure serial novel for supporters of $1.00 a month or more. Don’t miss it!

Podcast: The Freelance Hunters: The Gold Equations

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You can’t take it with you in “The Gold Equations,” A Freelance Hunters Adventure written and performed by Hugh J. O’Donnell.

Click HERE to listen.

This episode was originally posted at TheFreelanceHunters.com on September 9, 2015.  Click on the link for more Freelance Hunters stories in audio and digital formats.

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Podcast: The Freelance Hunters: A Splash on the Big Bridge

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In this story performed and produced by Katharina and Mick Bordet of the Every Photo Tells podcast, The Freelance Hunters must sneak into an impregnable castle to prevent an international incident.  Easy enough, but there’s just the tiny matter of the goblin war band standing in their way…

Click HERE to listen online.

This podcast was originally posted at Every Photo Tells on October 8th, 2013.  Visit their site for more excellent audio fiction and inspiring photo prompts.

You can find more Freelance Hunters fiction and audio at TheFreelanceHunters.com.

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