Hugh Likes Podcasts: The Dork Forest

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Hugh Likes Podcasts: The Dork Forest
Hosted by Jackie Kashian
There are a lot of nerdy podcasts out there.  In fact, the later almost always implies the former.  But The Dork Forest is a nerd podcast in an entirely different vein, and it is one of the best.
Hosted by comedian Jackie Kashian, this is an interview show that dives deeply into the  unexpected and delightful things that we all dork out about.  Everyone has something they love, and Jackie finds out about the unusual obsessions of celebrity geeks.  This isn’t just Dungeons and Dragons and comic books, although subject have been covered in the past.  Anything could be a topic, from Presidential biographies to 70’s McDonalds advertising mascots.
A show like this could focus on the bizarre and incomprehensible aspects of these dorkdoms, but Kashian approaches her subjects with an empathy and sense of humor that celebrates their interests rather than points fingers.  The Dork Forest is a podcast that celebrates wonderful and weird corners of nerd culture at a time when so much of fan discussion has devolved into mean-spirited yelling, internet trolling, and attempts to dictate how other people should enjoy things.
The Dork Forest is a geeky ray of sunshine that always shows me something delightful and surprising.  The show can be found in your favorite podcatcher or at JackieKashian.com

Hugh Likes Podcasts: Nutty Bites!

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Nuchtchas is not your average geek.  And her show “Nutty Bites” is not your average pop culture podcast.  A transplant from Long Island to Canada, she brings creativity, wit, and above all empathy to the discussion and dissection of nerd culture.
Joined by her husband/cohost/antagonist Tek, as well as other guests, Nutty debates geeky topics, interviews nerd celebrities like Paul and Storm, and generally brings the awesome to every discussion she sets her sights on.
Nuchtchas, AKA Nutty, has a particular talent for finding and bringing out the best in other geeks.  Nutty Debates always feature some cool geek I haven’t heard from before.  These roundtable discussions are as far-reaching as they are nerdy, ranging from lamest super-powers to favorite SF Films.
She is also a participant in the Dog Days of Podcasting.  Going on every August, this is a project to record a podcast every day leading up to Dragon*Con.  Nutty uses the opportunity to interview geeks from across the web.  These mini-episodes act as ten to twenty-minute windows into the lives of podcasters, artists, writers, and other interesting geeks.  For propriety’s sake, I will put in the disclaimer that I was a participant in this year’s set of podcasts.
In addition to her own show, Nutty also is a member of specficmedia.com’s Beyond The Wall “Game of Thrones” podcast, and a frequent contributor to CHSR’s Epic.
Nutty visits all corners of the nerd community, and she’s enthusiastic about everything.  In an internet where so much of the conversation has become a battle, even Nutty Debates are friendly, fun, and above all positive.  I always find out something I didn’t know, or become a fan of a podcaster, writer, cosplayer or artist I hadn’t heard of before.  This is required fan listening in my book.  Visit NIMLAS.org  and listen to this illuminating podcast.

A Status Update and an Announcement!

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Hello readers and listeners!

Welcome to the end of July!  It’s been pretty crazy around here, and I’ve been juggling a lot of stuff, both creatively and in real life.  So here’s a refresher to bring you up to speed on what’s been going on with me.
First, the good news.
Last month, I launched The Freelance Hunters podcast!  I’ve posted a few Freelance Hunters stories here and there over the last few years, and now I’m collecting them in audio.  Check out TheFreelanceHunters.com  every Monday for a new installment of serial fantasy fiction.  Season one will be going on a while, with print and eBook editions coming this fall!
The Way of the Buffalo will be moving to Fridays.  The Dark Wife is on hiatus until I have the editing fully complete, then will be appearing on Wednesdays.  I’m hoping for a launch in September.
On the writing front, you can still find my short story “Prompt Succor” in the Dirty Magick: New Orleans anthology.
I’ve also been invited to a few other anthologies, one of which you can help get off the ground now!
The Kickstarter for Elysian Springs: Adventures from the Superhero Nursing Home is ongoing and needs your help to reach its goal.  This is such a clever and unique idea, and the confirmed talent includes Gail Z. Martin, Tee Morris, and Jason Strutz!  It’s going to be a really cool book and I want to be a part of it, so please give it a look!
The bad news is that to keep all these plates spinning, as well as a few secret plates that I can’t talk about here, I’m putting The Voyage on the back burner.  I’m not giving it up entirely, but I’m not able to devote regular time to it every week the way I’d like.  I’m going to put it on hiatus until it is complete and edited.
So that’s what’s going on with me.  Thanks for reading!

The Voyage 040: Francine

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Francine lay out her Mistress’s dinner dress while Lady Caroline Wentworth engaged in her toilet.  Normally, she would help with her bathing, but the cramped confines of the suite’s private bathroom made this impossible.  She just finished laying out the gown when she felt arms wrap around her and kisses on her neck.
“Your Lordship!  She will hear…”  She said to Lord Horace, her employer and lover.
“Let her,” he said.  Pressed against her, she felt the gun in his pocket.  She pulled away.
“You can’t mean to…”  She couldn’t finish the idea.
“Accidents happen over the Atlantic,” he said.

The Voyage 039: Malcolm

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Malcolm watched the massive airship pass from the observation platform at the top of the Star Building.  After verifying the ship’s flags, he rushed downstairs and back to his typewriter.
The HMS Indomitable, newest aeroship of the private Atlantic Steam line, left York today for its third trans-Atlantic flight.  Although some critics continue to raise questions of the craft’s safety, Lady Hamilton and her granddaughter and Lord and Lady Wentworth were on board, as was the ship’s prodigy designer Nelson Pembrooke  If they are not delayed by weather, the Indomitable will reach London in an incredibly fast three days.

The Voyage 038: Viola

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In the little shack next to the hangar, Viola swore and grumbled.  The little rat, Molly had disappeared after tea service, and she hadn’t returned.  Florence was in a right state looking for her.   That left her to do the dishes the brat had left behind.  It would probably be better for her not to return at all, she thought with a nasty little grin.
Above her there was a sharp crack, and she looked up just in time to see a pencil fall through the roof and plop into the sink, soaking her, but missing her head by inches.

The Voyage 037: Lewis

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Lewis stood with the noisy crowd as well, although he didn’t cheer along with them.  We simply watched The Indomitable rise in the morning sun, her filigreed envelope sparkling.  Occasionally, he would consult a small mechanical device on a chain, and make notes in a pocket notebook.  He stayed long after the crowd stopped cheering and drifted away, leaving only a few dedicated loved ones to watch the vessel’s slow rise over York.  As morning turned to afternoon, the propellers finally repositioned themselves, and the craft steamed east.  After one last check of his instruments, he disappeared like a shadow.

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