Podcast: NPB7 – Outtakes

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Welcome to Nostalgia Pilots! Tonight, we present some outtakes from our Gundam WIng discussions.

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Next time, we head back to space with episode one of Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team!

Podcast: NP51 – Dead-Guy Insurance

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Welcome to Nostalgia Pilots! This week, Jason, Jurd, Hugh and Spence wrap up discussing Gundam Wing, and look back at Jurd and Spence’s predictions for the end of the series!

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Coming Soon: Mobile Suit Gundam the 08th MS Team!

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Podcast: NP B6 – Social Distance Gaming

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Skyping with Treize

Hello listeners!
This week, Jason, Jurd, and Hugh hang out and discuss what video games they’ve been playing while stuck inside social distancing!

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Visit NostalgiaPilots.com for show notes, links, and more episodes!


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Podcast: NP B5 – Social Distancing Special

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Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 10.49.21 PM

Hello listeners!

Tonight Spence and Hugh take a break and catch up with what they’ve been up to while Social Distancing!

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Also check out Jason and JRD‘s projects, especially JRD’s new audiobook, Jackfish!

Thanks for listening, and wash your hands!

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Podcast: NP49 – Inconsequentially Important

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Welcome to Nostalgia Pilots! This week, Hugh, Jason, Jurd, and Spence consider the last episode of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, “The Final Victor.”

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This week, Howard is a Time Lord, you do not refuse a favor to Lady Une, and Heero leaves a note. Plus, the Gundam Pilots kill a space station for peace, and Noin makes her final fashion choice.
Next week: Endless Waltz!

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Podcast – NP47: Sneaky Training

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Welcome to Nostalgia Pilots! This episode, Hugh, Jason, Jurd and Spence brace themselves for Gundam Wing episode 47: Collision in Space!

Tonight: Howard’s unnamed assistant is metal as hell, Zechs has performance anxiety, and Duo breaks the fourth wall. Plus, The Peacemillion is bigger than we thought, and the real crushing blow is yet to come.

Stonebriar Casefiles 182: Bad Alchemy by Laura Nicole

Everyday Drabbles: Winter by Hugh J. O’Donnell

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Podcast: NP46 – Zero-Gravity ThighMaster

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Welcome to Nostalgia Pilots!

Tonight, Spence, Jurd, Jason and Hugh discuss Gundam Wing Episode 46: Milliardo’s Decision!

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This week: Lady Une is back, and maybe psychic! Plus, Zechs pushes the button, Tallgeese II is too sexy for its suit carrier, and Heero still doesn’t have a plan!

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