Podcast: The Melting Potcast Episode 76

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Hello everyone! I’m still getting my bearings after returning from vacation, but in the meantime, please enjoy me stuttering and pausing my way through this interview with the delightful A. F. Grappin on The Melting Potcast!

A. F. is out of the kitchen so Erin is serving up some Botched Recipes! Authors Chris Lester and Charlie Brown get some mentions in this set of bloopers!
After that, A. F. (who still isn’t in the kitchen) interviews author Hugh J. O’Donnell in A Little Seasoning. Apologies for some audio issues on A. F.’s end.
And finally, we Mystery Meal up some more Shakespeare! This time, it’s poor King Lear getting the treatment.
The Melting Potcast is OPEN to submissions and needs YOUR help! Main Ingredient stories (up to 5000 words) and Stoke the Fire stories (up to 1500 words and based on one of our prompts) are needed, badly!

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You can submit prompt ideas, Stoke the Fire and Main Ingredient submissions, Pot Roast ideas, and Short Order Cook ideas at themeltingpotcast@gmail.com or check themeltingpotcast.com/submissions for info.

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Podcast: “The Waiting Doom” on The Melting Podcast!

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Hello listeners and readers!

Have you heard the latest Freelance Hunters story on The Melting Potcast?

Well, wait no longer, because you can hear it, and all the rest of their excellence from their fourth anniversary show HERE!

When Joachim catches a stubborn cold, Glory takes him to one of her friends for treatment. While Joachim complains about Riverfolk medicine, he’s more concerned about his fellow patients!

Thanks to A. F. Grappin for lending their considerable narration talents to this story! Go and check out The Melting Potcast for more great podcast fiction!

Podcast: “Ears to the Ground” on The Melting Potcast!

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Hey Freelancers!

Have you heard the latest Freelance Hunters story, as presented by the ever-extraordinary Melting Potcast crew? Well wait no longer, and click HERE!

When the town of Corn Hall is reported missing, the Freelance Hunters grudgingly return to investigate, but nothing can prepare them for what they find there.

As always, thanks to August, Erin, and Theo for another great performance!

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Podcast: TFH 2.1: Live at Balticon 51!

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Hello Freelancers!

Welcome to Season Two of the Freelance Hunters! We’re starting out with a live recording from Balticon 51! I was joined by friends of the show A. F. Grappin and Erin Kazmark of The Melting Potcast in a live-reading of chapter one of the in-development Freelance Hunters novel, The Shadow Over Ironwood! We also answered questions and gave away fabulous prizes!

Click HERE to listen for yourself!


The first Freelance Hunters micro-collection, “Glory’s Gauntlet and Other Stories,” is now absolutely free on Gumroad. Check it out from the link on the right, and be sure to leave a review on Goodreads, Amazon, or the site of your choice. It’ll help us get eyedrums and earballs!

And this is the first in a whole new series episodes. Stay tuned for new adventures from Glory, Joachim, and Bingo every two weeks!

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Opening: “The Lion and the Unicorn,” Dimension Bucket, in the public domain, obtained through FreePD.com!

Closing: “Crunk Knight,” Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com!

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The Freelance Hunters logo designed by Alex White.

Next time: The Freelance Hunters in “Checkpoint!”

Hugh Likes Podcasts: The Melting Potcast

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The Melting Potcast
A F Grapin and Erin Kazmark
I listen to a lot of writing and fiction podcasts.  Most of them try and cultivate a specific audience.  The Drabblecast is narrowly focused on weird fiction.  Ditch Diggers is specifically about the business side of writing professionally.  Specificity is good, usually.  But I really enjoy podcasts that go a bit broader.  My own podcast, The Way of the Buffalo, is founded on the new, rather than specific genre or even medium.  But I can’t think of a podcast that attempts to reach a broader audience that The Melting Potcast.
Billed as ‘a little bit of everything for everyone everywhere,’ they present flash audio fiction based on prompts, longer short stories not constrained by topic, and author interviews, amongst other content.  For the sake of full disclosure, I have had one of my own stories appear on the show.
Hosts Erin and A. F. inject humor and passion into their presentations, and the quality is top-knotch.  They are accompanied by regular and guest readers.  The prompts so far have been clever and interesting, creating a surprising variety of stories that hit on a variety of genre and emotional beats.  They’re still fairly new, but their passion for fiction, hard work, and supportive community all shine through.  This is definitely a podcast to watch, because it’s only going to get better as it keeps going.  Find The Metling Potcast in iTunes, or the podcatcher of your choice.
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