The Melting Potcast
A F Grapin and Erin Kazmark
I listen to a lot of writing and fiction podcasts.  Most of them try and cultivate a specific audience.  The Drabblecast is narrowly focused on weird fiction.  Ditch Diggers is specifically about the business side of writing professionally.  Specificity is good, usually.  But I really enjoy podcasts that go a bit broader.  My own podcast, The Way of the Buffalo, is founded on the new, rather than specific genre or even medium.  But I can’t think of a podcast that attempts to reach a broader audience that The Melting Potcast.
Billed as ‘a little bit of everything for everyone everywhere,’ they present flash audio fiction based on prompts, longer short stories not constrained by topic, and author interviews, amongst other content.  For the sake of full disclosure, I have had one of my own stories appear on the show.
Hosts Erin and A. F. inject humor and passion into their presentations, and the quality is top-knotch.  They are accompanied by regular and guest readers.  The prompts so far have been clever and interesting, creating a surprising variety of stories that hit on a variety of genre and emotional beats.  They’re still fairly new, but their passion for fiction, hard work, and supportive community all shine through.  This is definitely a podcast to watch, because it’s only going to get better as it keeps going.  Find The Metling Potcast in iTunes, or the podcatcher of your choice.
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