Fiction: Of the Lake

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The knight rode to the place the rumors whispered of: a still, dark pool deep in the forest. The stories were true. The sword was real.
The blade projected straight and tall from the surface of the water, unsheathed and shining in a patch of sunlight. It was held aloft by a pale hand that rose from the water.
The knight tied his horse to a tree, stripped off his armor, and dived into the water.
The mermaids hidden below the surface tore him to shreds.
“We should’ve thought of this long ago,” one said. “So much easier than singing.”

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The City: 013: Cleopatra

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Cleopatra watched the commotion in the train station with interest.  She liked these kinds of gatherings.  All the people, the noise, the chaos.  This was why she was in The City.  Citizens and Daytrippers ignored her, and she preferred it that way.  All the better to watch them in their rushing patterns.  The City was a different beast to her, and she knew all it’s hidden passages.  Maybe that is why only Cleopatra saw the man with the smile frozen on his lips.  Then he turned and quite impossibly, vanished.  The little calico cat did not understand, but only watched.

Donations For Life

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He found a likely corner and put on the little red hat. It was kind of a cliche, but people expected it. He set up the bucket and rang the bell. Somewhere time ticked by. One more coin, he promised himself. Then, he could get out of the cold. Someone tried to dip their hand in the bucket. He couldn’t have that, So he ran out and jumped on the thief’s head. There was a satisfying bop. Somewhere, a chime rang. That made a hundred coins. Which meant an extra life. The Save a Princess Foundation was finally getting somewhere.

The Canals of Mars

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The first humans on Mars had a good idea of what to expect. Or at least they thought they knew. The canals had been well studied by robot and remote camera before any boots hit the red, rocky soil. The evidence for and against the habitation of Mars had been studied, and the papers had settled the question. Science had proven that Humanity was alone in the solar system. Except for maybe Ganymede, of course. But while science was sure that the famous canals were a natural formation, the team was unable to explain the presence of the water skis.