Everyday Drabbles #639: The Priestess

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The Priestess stands at the door of her church and looks out at the frozen wasteland. Something evil is coming.
The things that prowl the barren fields will not come near holy ground, but the church, rebuilt from the ruins, is made to withstand more human dangers. She reaches for a spiked timber and remembers first awakening to the call, before the end of the world.
If she had worked harder, could she have prevented all this?
She locks the defenses into place reminds herself that regrets are wasted energy. Raiders are coming, and they must prepare for a siege.

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Fiction: Overstreet

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I limp into the bazaar late in the afternoon and eventually find what I’m looking for: A pre-war bike tire patch kit. The sharp-eyed woman behind the counter has actual wrinkles. She might’ve even seen the bombs fall. This is going to be tough.
I look in my pack and see what I have to trade.
When governments fell, money became worthless. Gold wasn’t portable. But there were other systems.
I pull out a near-mint holographic Pikachu card. Flashy, but more common than you’d think. She gives me an inscrutable look, and we get down to bargaining.

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Hugh Likes Comics: The Long Con

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The Long Con
Written by Dylan Meconis and Ben Coleman
Drawn by E. A. Denich
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Published by Oni Press


The Skinny: The Comic Con at the end of the world

What happens when The End of the World happens during a major Science Fiction convention? Five years ago, a cataclysmic event destroyed the city of Los Spinoza, and, presumably, the Los Spinoza Convention Center, home to Long Con, the world’s largest and greatest comic convention. But what makes a better bomb shelter than 600,000 square feet of Brutalist concrete? When evidence emerges that something survived, struggling reporter Victor Lai, who barely escaped from the Long Con minutes before the disaster, is sent back in by his editor to investigate.
The Long Con is a delightful look at the apocalypse through the lens of pop culture fandom. It’s a clever microcosm of fans, some of whom are literally eating each other once they get cut off and have to figure out how to survive. The book seamlessly shifts between the last day of the convention and Victor’s return, with his friend Dez guiding him though the twin mazes of Convention culture and the survivors. Meconis and Coleman’s wit is sharp, Denich’s designs are charming without being too cartoonish, and Robado’s use of color is spot on. The past is a riot of bright colors, and the future is just the right touch of grimy.
The story weaves in a third layer, a fictional Star Trek-inspired media property called “Skylarks” that does a lot of great storytelling work and a delightful piece of parody all on its own.
The Long Con just released its fourth issue, and you can find it on Comixology or at your local comics shop. I highly recommend it.

Podcast: CCRC14: Whoops!

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Join us in the Chronotheater for an early 90’s sitcom pilot set in post-apocalyptic America.  Or don’t.  You’re probably better off, really.

But here’s you can listen HERE.

And you can watch “Whoops!” on Youtube HERE.  If you want to.