Hugh Likes Video Games
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved
Played on PS Vita
The Geometry Wars series has a simple concept.  A little ship flies through a 2D grid and shoots enemies for points.  It also has an elegant, pseudo-vector graphics visual style.  So how do you improve on a classic formula whose visual flair is so immediately iconic?  Any change to the gameplay or graphics would be too drastic with so simple a concept.  Rather than just retreading the same formula or completely retooling it, “Geometry Wars 3” does something both unexpected and completely unique.
Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Evolved is not a 3D shooter.  It is a 2D shooter mapped to a 3D object.  A tradition 3D shooter lets you maneuver thought a vast environment of empty space filled with enemies and objects.  Geometry Wars 3’s environment is a 2D grid, but presented as a variety of 3D solids, like globes, hemispheres, cylinders and cubes.  Projectiles, enemies, and obstacles are likewise set on these objects, making movement surprising, innovative, and just as addictive as previous incarnations.  For example, your projectiles move very differently on a capsule-shaped surface than they do on a disc.  These shaped playing fields put interesting spin on gameplay.
There are plenty of other additions as well.  A variety of level types and gameplay modes keep the experience fresh, and a lengthy first player Adventure mode does a good job of introducing them to the player.  Players also get a variety of computer controlled drones that assist in a number of ways, from collecting shards to increase your score modifier, to ramming opponents or firing highly accurate, sniper rounds.  Drones also have customizable special attacks that further increase their novelty.
The only major flaw of the game is that the soundtrack is rather forgettable techno-pop that soon grates.  Overall, Geometry Wars 3 is a winner.  Its addictive but varied gameplay will keep shooter aficionados trying for one more high score for a long time.