Writing In Suburbia is a podcast for professional writers.  Except that it isn’t.  It is, like a lot of other writing podcasts, by a professional writer for aspiring professional writers.  But it is still a damn good one, and well worth your time.
A very informal solo cast, WiS comes from the brain squeezin’s of indie horror wunderkind Jake Bible.  The author of the Dead Mech, as well as half a dozen more series from small press outlets, Jake is a master of ebook horror with a herculean work ethic.  Bible is incredibly prolific, releasing book after book on an almost monthly basis.  On the podcast, he shares the secrets of his success, which mostly boil down to planning well and putting in the work, which he can do as a full-time writer.  He also gives the audience a look into the life and lifestyle of novel writing as a day job, and gives a lot of insight on daily life as well as the pitfalls of being your own small business.  And he ends every episode with a mean blues-harp performance.
Fans of Jake Bible’s writing will already be familiar with his bombastic, and often not safe for work, style.  His off the cuff manner is occasionally meandering, but equally charming and easy to listen to.  He pulls off the rare trick of making a solo podcast sound like a conversation.  If you want to really know what it’s like to write for a living, or you want some tips to improve your work (as opposed to your craft) Writing in Suburbia is a podcast well worth checking out.  Find it at  or your preferred podcatcher.