Podcast: CCRC24: Night of the Living Dead (1990)

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After listening to the Chrononauts review 1968 original, join us for a live commentary of 1990’s “Night of the Living Dead” remake!

Spoiler alert: Harry Cooper still sucks!

Click HERE to listen along! You’ll have to find your own copy this week, though. Sorry!

This podcast originally appeared at Skinner.FM on May 19, 2017.

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Podcast: CCR36: Night of the Living Dead

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The Chrononauts gather to profit off of the mistakes of a 1960’s film distributor and watch George Romero’s public-domain milestone, “Night of the Living Dead!”

Click HERE to listen!

If you somehow haven’t seen it, click HERE and settle in!

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The City: 138: Epsilon 46389

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Epsilon 46389 almost remembered the purpose of the avatar.  It was like an itch in its head, a solution to a puzzle that was just out of reach.  There was something beyond the hunger, the connections, the acquisition.  And there were so few connections left to harvest.  Then it saw the falling man.  That is the one, it thought.  It blazed with connections, shined like the sun.  It knew it needed to acquire them.  The man landed in the grass, rolled and tried to run, but Epsilon 46389 was faster.  It had fed well.  It quickly ran the man down.

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The City: 137: Lacy

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After finishing with Renee, the zombies chased after Tucker, their programming more attracted to his movements.
“You’re out of options,” Underwood said to the dwindling Daytrippers.
Dawn shook her head.  “We’ve still got one left!  The City’s realistically modeled physics!”  She signaled with her arms, and Lacy dropped the swat van’s accelerator to the floor.  She barreled through the gate and into the mansion without aiming.  She was a siege weapon.  She just wanted to do as much damage as possible.  The front door splintered, and the pillars collapsed.  Underwood’s smile fell, and then so did the rest of him.

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The City: 136: Tucker

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Renee fired wildly as the zombies pounced, but her shots went wide.  She dropped the boot gun to the grass ran.  She didn’t get far.
Tucker snatched up the weapon and aimed for Underwood.  He was determined to finish the mission.  He squeezed the trigger.  It clicked softly, almost like a mouse, but nothing happened.  Underwood laughed.
“Why do you think you wasted so many resources keeping that whelp online?  A boot gun can only be used by the account it was created for.  It’s a safety feature!”  Tucker swore and threw the gun at him, but it fell short.

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The City: 135: Barbara

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“You’ve been working for him!”  Barbara stared desperately at Renee.  The robber smiled almost as wide as her boss.
“That’s right.  This whole time.  And you kids didn’t even think to search me.”  She booted Iggy almost offhandedly.  “Just a bit more clean up, and The City will be ours.”
“About that, Renee…”  Underwood said.  “I’m afraid there is a bit of a hitch.”  She turned towards him and raised the gun.
“Are you selling me out?” She demanded.  The Smiling man raised his hands in protest.
“Not me, them.”  A pack of sprinting zombies appeared from behind the house.

The City: 127: Jess

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Once the first zombie attacked, the rest followed.  It was an inexorable tide, a domino effect.  Jess took deep breaths and reminded herself it wasn’t real, all a simulation.  She touched the bridge of her goggles, and waited for the zombies to get in range.  The team rushed past her, and the zombies were right behind.  She reached down and pulled the line at her feet taut.  The tripwire was lined with improvised weaponry that bit into the zombie’s flesh and ripped through them at the ankles.  The trap bought them five minutes before the undead found its way around.

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