The City: 091: Doris

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The gate on the palatial beach house buzzed just before sunset.  Doris answered from the security desk.  “Yeah?”
“It’s me,” Bob said.  “I’ve got the new boss.”
“What the hell happened out there?”  She had heard garbled reports of security clashing with CPD.
“Hell if I know.  This guy’s spooky, though.”  She checked the cameras.  It was the limo, alright.  She let the car in and called the rest of the staff to greet their new employer.  Sizemore’s City beach house belonged to Midas, and had been a part of the sale.  They gathered in the entry hall and waited.

The City: 064: Kumar

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On The City’s streets, The Midas Corp. Limousine led a dozen patrol cars on a merry chase.  No matter how they diverted traffic, finally easing after a morning of unprecedented congestion, the luxury car was one step ahead.
“Who the hell is driving that thing?” Patrolman Kumar cursed.
“I heard that Bob Tolstoy was Sizemore’s driver.  Might be him.” His partner said.
“The king of the racing underground?  When’d he turn Citizen?”
“A few years back.  Everybody’s got to eat.”  The limo made a sudden u-turn, slipping through a gap in three lanes of traffic and disappearing towards the bay.

The City: 004: Bob

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Bob knew every turn and corner in The City.  He could get from The Heights to The Bay inside of ten minutes, in any weather, at any time of day.  He’d been a driver for Midas Corp. for five years, and he’d been Augustus Sizemore’s chauffeur for two.  Before that, he’d been a Daytripping Gearhead.  Once he was the king of the underground street racing circuit.  But everybody has to grow up and get a real job sometime.  The doors opened and two men got in.  One was his boss, the other, he did not know.  Bob started the engine.