The City: 046: Tyrone

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Downstairs, the situation was getting tense between City Police and the Midas Private Security.  Commissioner Jenkins had practically fought his way inside, and all available security was converging to stop him from entering the building.  The problem was, nearly all the cops were unbootable and unbanable, which made Tyrone’s weapon useless.  But if the cops’ were, so were the security guards’.  They were at an impasse.  Some twit, a suit low enough on the ladder to get thrown to the wolves, identified as Abner Lanning, appealed for calm as the meeting continued on Mount Olympus.  He was bootable.  Tyrone fired.

The City: 018: Abner

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Abner arrived late to work.  Even in The City, the trains wouldn’t run on time.  There was still so much human error, still so few backup systems.  And it had to be during rush hour.  Of course in The City, it was always rush hour someplace.  But naturally it was during his commute, on the day of his evaluation.  He braced for a siren as he badged in.  He was going to climb up to the 48th floor and kick someones teeth in.  He froze in the lobby.  “Sizemore Sells Shares to International Investors” was plastered on every monitor.  Awesome.