Hosted by Dr. Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain.

Astronomy Cast is an astronomy and citizen science podcast that takes listeners on ‘a fact-based journey through the cosmos.’   Neither too simplistic nor overly technical, It is a great peek into the universe for amateur astronomers and science fans alike.
The show is hosted by Universe Today publisher Fraser Cain and Astronomer Dr. Pamela Gay.  While it is not always consistently published due to the hosts busy schedules, it does cover a wide range of topics.  They discuss science news such as current mission like Rosetta and Cassini, astronomical phenomena such as sun spots and finding water in space, and more!  They have recently begun a fascinating series of biographies of modern female astronomers such as Joceylyn Bell Burnell, a discoverer of pulsars!
As a lover of science fiction, but someone who didn’t do great studying science in school, this is a great podcast.  They present astronomy with wit, and grace, and explain clearly without talking down to the listener.  This is an engaging and entertaining podcast for the non-scientist who has watched “Cosmos,” but is ready for something more challenging.  It’s even a gateway to citizen science projects such as Cosmo Quest, which assists in mapping heavenly bodies!
Astronomy Cast is available from iTunes, , or your favorite podcatcher.