As regular readers of this blog may know, I am somewhat fond of comic books, and I also enjoy comic book podcasts.  This is a relatively new one, but it is already one of my favorites.  Hosted by Dark Horse Comics editor Rachel Edidin and her husband Miles Stokes, the title says it all for this one.  This weekly, hour-long show attempts to shed some light on one of the most convoluted and complex franchises in modern comics, the X-Men, starting from Giant-Sized X-Men Number One right up until the present day.
Rachel and Miles take a breezy, tongue in cheek look at the history of the comics, and they both celebrate its heights and condemn its excesses, with appreciation.  It is clear from the start that they love these comics, even the ones they know are ridiculous.
The show opens with a scripted bit examining a particularly thorny bit of cannon, such as X-characters frequent habit of dying and coming back to life, lamp-shading the week’s topic.  This is followed by a forty-five minute or so discussion of that topic.  They recently covered the famous Dark Phoenix Saga in two episodes that is a great place for new listeners to begin.
The podcast reminds me of the now defunct Tom vs. The DC Universe podcast, but rather than simply reading and reacting to one issue, they cover and critique an arc or particular topic.
Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men is a delightful look at the Marvel Universe from two witty and engaging hosts who really know their stuff and celebrate it without putting it on a pedestal.  They also release a weekly visual companion with panels and fanart from the latest episode.  I recommend it for New Fans and Uncanny X-Perts alike.  Listen for yourself at

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