Every year, local restaurants take over Niagara Square and a few blocks of Delaware Avenue in downtown Buffalo for one of the largest food festivals in the country.


Buffalo is definitely a food city, from chicken wings to beef on weck, so it is always a delight to try new places and see what they have on offer. Here is a sample of my selections:


Indian Falls Log Cabin: Beef on Weck Ravioli

This beef and cheese ravioli was served in savory beef broth complete with caraway seeds. It was a nice mix of surprising ingenuity and hometown pride. Very good.


T. C. Wheelers: Reuben Pizza and Pizza Nutella with Almonds

Of all the pizza places that had tents at this year’s events, this was the only one that felt creative, which is usually what I’m looking for at the Taste. The Reuben Pizza was outstanding. It had a nice, thick crust and delivered what it promised. The Pizza Nutella was more akin to fried dough, and the hazelnut spread made it a bit heavy, but it was quite good as well.


Kabob and Curry: Cheese & Veggi Tikka

Selected by my husband, who is vegetarian. He enjoyed it, and I liked my nibble, but I’m a wuss when it comes to spicy food, and it was a bit too much for me.


Carribean Expirience: Beef Patty

An excellent meat pastry that was nicely spiced but not hot. My husband had the vegetarian version, which was also good.


NIck Charlap’s Ice Cream: Raspberry Custard

While they had the standard flavors, we opted to try something a bit different from this local ice cream shop. It was excellent.


The Lodge: Civiche

Raw fish in a citrus sauce with gaucamole and chips, this was like sushi and nachos combined. It was delicious and refreshing on a hot Saturday afternoon. The Lodge’s other options, including venison and wild boar, looked interesting as well.

Over-all, I would say that I enjoyed the Reuben Pizza the most out of my sampling of this year’s entrants, although the civiche was a close second. Buffalo is a treasure trove of fantastic local restaurants, and I always enjoy sampling them.

Next week: The Italian Festival!

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