Book Announcement: The City (Now in Print and Wattpad!)

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So I probably should have done this BEFORE Balticon, but I’ve got a book out! In print and everything! And you can read it a whole bunch of different ways! “The City: A Story in 140 Characters” has appeared in blog and ebook format, and now a revised edition is available on Wattpad and even in print! Check it out below and enjoy a drabble novella of action, greed, and cyberpunk zombies!

The City-final-5

“O’Donnell builds a world both enticing and unsettling…The City remains full of surprises at every turn.”
—JRD Skinner, “Flashpulp”


The City is a place beyond the real world. Created and controlled by the titanic Midas Corporation, The hyper-realistic virtual environment is the capital of an empire without borders, outside the reach of terrestrial law enforcement.
When controlling interest in the company is sold to a mysterious new player, The City breaks down, trapping millions inside. It falls to the Daytrippers, teenage hackers and rebels who don’t play by Midas’ rules, to save The City, and the world.

A drabble novella told from over a hundred different points of view, The City is like no place you’ve ever seen before.



The City: 104: Zombie

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Zombie was hungry.  Zombie was always hungry.  Zombie hunted.  There were other zombies, too.  They were not tasty.  Zombie ignored them.  Zombie knew there were tasty people on the other side of the wall.  Zombie could see them, hear them.  Zombie heard voices, arguing.  Loud noises.  Other zombies heard, too.  Zombie wasn’t strong enough to get people.  Zombie was worried that other zombies were stronger.  But they couldn’t, either.  But maybe two zombies were twice as strong?  Zombie grabbed his neighbor and pushed him to one spot on the door.  Zombie hit the same spot.  The door began to splinter.