The City: 053: Tina

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Tina shot Lorraine a smug look as Mario knocked on the towering mahogany obelisk.  She’d been after Loraine’s spot on the Executive Security Team, and now it was practically her’s!  Unless the cops downstairs did something stupid like try and occupy the building or invoke Emergency Powers.  A Coup would ruin everything.
Mario opened the door and went in.
“I’m Sorry to disturb you, ladies and gentlemen, but there is a security situation, and we may have to ask you to evacuate.”  Twelve smiling faces turned at once to look at them.
“We’re just about done here anyway,” Babbage said.

The City: 052: Mario

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Mario glared at Lorraine.  There was a goddam riot going on downstairs, with City Police no less, and here she was raving about magic and disappearing doors.  He did not have time to deal with her stupidity.
“You can’t change the physical reality of The City.  It’s one of The Rules,” he said.
“Rules set by Sizemore.  What if this guy got past Sizemore to get to the board?”
“A billionaire assassin?  Well, I have to report the riot anyway.  Let’s go.  Lopez, you come with us.”  The door was perfectly visible when the three of them got there.  “See?”