The City: 070: Zidane

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Summoned by the CEO, Zidane muscled his way into the office.  His own physical size was impressive.  He found that he intimidated even here in The City, where such things were of no consequence.  There was no inherent value in his strength in the digital environment, it was merely an accurate representation of his stature.  But it made people nervous, and it made them forget how smart he actually was.  The interviewer girl looked suitably impressed, certainly.
“Ms. Evans was just leaving.”  Dawn began to protest, but stopped.  Together they watched the top of Midas tower erupt in flames.


The City: 069: Mildred

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The investigation was not going well.  Posing as a magazine interviewer, Dawn had talked her way into the office of the matronly CEO of Nexus Software Solutions, a data management company that was both a contractor and a competitor of Midas.  From this nearly as loft perch, there was quite a good view of Midas tower.
“You seem awfully young to be a journalist,” Mildred O’Dell said.  Dawn squirmed in the simulated leather chair.
“It’s the newest thing in avatars,” she said.  It was not a particularly good lie.
“Is it?” Mildred said, and pushed a button on her desk.