The City: 037: Kat

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Kat was the first to arrive.  She passed the intern going out, and gave him a friendly little smile.  She had the freedom because no one else was looking.  She was the youngest shareholder, but she would be damned if she was going to let anyone push her around just because she was an heiress, or because the three percent of stock she owned was barely enough to qualify for a seat at the table, rather than the bigger meeting later in the week.  She was a tiger, and she could afford to be patient, and kind.  For now, anyway.

The City: 036: Glenn

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In Midas Corp’s 97th floor board room, Glenn went from chair to chair, placing the regalia of business just so.  There was a folder, complete with simulated documents and a tablet detailing the sale between Sizemore and the new backers, a legal pad, and a selection of pens and pencils, even a cup of coffee.  It was all strictly symbolic.  The board would bring their own implements slaved to record and message.  But The City’s kabuki of the physical world was of the utmost importance.  And Interns had to play their part.  The Smiling Man nodded, and Glenn exited discreetly.