Hey Everybody! I just wanted to make a little announcement here that I’m streaming on Twitch! While I’m still finding my feet on the platform, you can catch me three days a week at Twitch.TV/Hatchingphoenix!

As a fiction writer, the thing I’ve always loved about video games is the unique ways they deliver a narrative. I’m fascinated by the way games can tell stories. Not just through visuals or dialogue, but through gameplay and sometimes subtler means. The genre has grown from pixelated ping-pong simulations and rescuing the princess to high-definition epics with casts of thousands. I love both the little and the big stories that games can tell, and that is the focus of my Twitch channel.

On Mondays, at 2 PM I play Indie games. Many of these games came from last year’s Itch.IO Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, which supported worthy causes and features many games that use unique mechanics to tell interesting stories that I can’t wait to dive into.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 PM, I play RPGs. From 8-bit classics to the latest releases, I’m playing through and examining how these create an experience. And I’m starting with the game that launched a genre, Dragon Warrior. Called Dragon Quest when it was originally released in Japan, this Nintendo Entertainment System cart was the first of its kind. I remember watching my neighbor play it as a child and thinking for the first time that games could be something deeper and grander than I had previously imagined.

So please join me as I undertake epic quests and uncover hidden gems.