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Vote Loki #1
Written by Christopher Hastings
Drawn by Langdon Foss
Published by Marvel Comics
Over the course of his publication history, the Marvel Comics version of Loki has been a god, a super-villain, a king, and a storyteller.  He’s gained it all, lost it all, died, come back to life, and opted out of the end of the world.  After all that, where do you take the character?  Have him run for president, of course!
Writer Chris Hastings and artist Langdon Foss take over the character following Al Ewing and Lee Garbett’s run of “Loki: Agent of Asgard,” and they are taking a few notes from that version of the God of Mischief.  Issue one is mostly setup, with Loki stopping a terrorist attack and ‘coincidentally’ becoming interested enough in the political process to throw his horned-helmet in the ring.  But with a trickster like Loki, the setup can be just as much fun as the reveal.
Hastings, the writer and artist of the webcomic “Dr. Mcninja,” is a part of a wave of new independent creators at Marvel.  Spearheaded by Ryan North and Erica Henderson’s “Unbeatable Squirrel Girl,” the superhero publisher is banking on a new selection of titles helmed by artists and writers who got their start on the internet instead of the bullpen.
Foss’s art is well suited, and the coloring by Chris Chuckry lends a nice atmosphere to the comic.  The only real flaw here is that the attempts at political commentary come off as broad and toothless.  ‘Politicians sure are liars’ is hardly a new take in 2016, and with a series of stock fictional characters mostly hanging out in the background, “Vote Loki” doesn’t bring anything new or incisive to the table.  But the reason most readers will pick up this comic will be just to watch Loki string along whatever con this turns out to be.
Vote Loki # 1 is available from your local comics shop, or digitally through Comixology.

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