Written by Rob Williams
Drawn by D’Israeli
Published by Titan Comics
What would the world be like if everyone had super powers?  If anyone could do anything, what would you do?  At what point does the extraordinary become commonplace?  “Ordinary” is the story of what happens when everyone in the world wakes up to discover they have superhuman abilities.  Everyone, except perennial loser Michael Fisher.
Written by Rob Williams, the story is a wonderful little gem.  WIlliams does a great job of reducing a vast high-concept down to the smallest, most discrete story possible, and tells it with poignancy and humor.
D’Israeli’s art is a real standout in this comic.  His art captures the chaos and grandeur of the story, while filling the background with an astounding variety of super-powers, both wondrous and wacky.  This isn’t your stock Big-2 super-powered world, and D’israeli really nails that home.
“Ordinary” is a thoughtful little graphic novel that is by turns funny, awe-inspiring, and heart-breaking.  If you’re looking for something with superheroes that falls outside the usual punch-outs, this is for you.  I received my copy as a part of a package from Comic Bento, a curated graphic novel delivery service.  You can also find it on Comixology or in your local comics shop.

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