Edge of Spider-Verse
Written by Various
Drawn by Various
Published by Marvel Comics
I am a sucker for alternate versions of iconic characters.  Different twists, new ideas, and retellings are my jam, which is why I really enjoyed “Edge of Spider-Verse” even if it is a set-up for a very complicated Spider-Man crossover event that I didn’t read.  The graphic novel collects five single-issue comics, each with a different version of the iconic superhero.
Each story is complete, and has very different styles and takes.  Spider-Man Noir is a 30’s pulp take on the hero, who fights a stage magician version of villain Mysterio.  A classic horror-comic version imagines Spider-Man not as hero, but as a grotesque, bloodthirsty monster.  And the breakout hit of the book imagines what would happen if Gwen Stacy, rather than Peter Parker, was bitten by the radioactive spider of destiny.
My favorite version was Sp//dr, a Katsuhiro Otomo-inspired take which stars a teenage girl piloting a spider-like robot with the assistance of a genetically engineered creature.
The art and writing vary across the different titles, and each of them ends with some tie-in to the big event comic, either recruitment by the good guys or a confrontation with the villains.  It gives some of these tales slightly unsatisfying endings, but what I like about this collection is the creativity that is brought to this well-established character.
I received this comic via Comic Bento, a subscription service that mail delivers curated boxes of comics to subscribers.  It is also available from Comixology or your local comics shop.

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