We Got This With Mark and Hal
Hal Lublin & Mark Gagliardi
Maximum Fun Network
“We Got This” is a podcast that sets out to settle the very small questions.  Hosted by Thrilling Adventure Hour regulars Hal Lublin and Mark Gagliardi, it tackles the cultural debates that hover over bar rooms and gaming tables.  From what state has the best barbecue to Best Star Trek film, they hash out the data and come up with a definitive answer to life’s least pressing debates.
One of the things that makes this show really work is the chemistry between Mark and Hal.  As cast members of the long-running stage show and podcast “Thrilling Adventure Hour,” their camaraderie and friendship is in evidence.  And as working actors and bonafide nerds, their pop-cultural cred can’t be questioned.  While many of the show’s topics are suggested by fans through the Maximum Fun Reddit page, there is a sense that they are returning to arguments they have hashed out before over backstage drinks and diner food.
But where one of them is lacking expertise, they never fake it.  There is a genuineness to this podcast that is quite charming, even when you want to shout corrections into your player.  They have had an excellent set of guest experts as well.  A recent episode debating Star Trek vs. Star Wars, which was recorded live, featured Mythbuster Adam Savage and Internet Judge John Hodgeman, for example.
Thrilling Adventure Hour may be complete, but Hal and Mark are still making great podcasts.  If you’ve missed your Work Juice Player fix, this is a great show to pick up.  And even if you have never heard of the hosts before, their charm and sagacity is sure to delight.  So if you have some niggling pop-culture question, check their archives.  Chances are, They’ve got this.