Written by Matt Wallace
Published by Tor
The second novella in Wallace’s “Sin du Jour” series, Lustlocked delivers with more of the hijinks, magic, and profanity that are his stock in trade.
Having survived their first gig, newbies Lena and Darren are brought on as provisional chefs, just in time for the next big job.  Sin du Jour has been contracted for the wedding of wedding of the Goblin King’s son to a mortal woman, and it is going to be a party to remember.
But before you go picturing little green men in tuxes, Goblins are, in fact, the opposite.  The most beautiful of God’s creatures, they secretly rule the entertainment industry, and eat only the finest gold.  Their ruler is exactly who you think, tight pants and all.
When Sin du Jour’s resident crone meddles to encourage goblin society to be more accepting of their new princess, the results quickly get out of control.
In spite of the unfortunate timing of the books release, this is another rollicking, messy adventure, and fans of Envy of Angels will find plenty to love in this worthy sequel.  All of the colorful characters return, and are in the same over-the-top form.  We get a bit more character depth as they content with lust spirits, homicidal spells incarnated as Hanna-Barbera characters, and panicked starlets.  It is a skewering of Hollywood that only Matt Wallace could come up with, and it is well worth the time this short-course will take to devour.
One of the things I really enjoyed about this entry is that he focuses the action at the company headquarters and the wedding.  “Envy of Angels” split time between the chefs and the procurement team, and felt a little spread out.  This time, Ritter and company’s adventure is split off into a separate short story, “Small Wars,” which is included with the ebook.  It’s a poignant little tale, and serves as a nice counterpoint to the glitz and wackiness of the novella.
Lustlocked is another course of dark, hilarious epicurean urban fantasy.  I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next Sin du Jour entree in June.

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