International Waters
Hosted by Dave Holmes
International Waters is a lot of fun.  Ostensibly a panel quiz show, host Dave Holmes pits teams of American and British comedians against each other to determine which country is better.  In reality, it’s a thin rationale for pop culture and current events jokes, it is still a joy to hear.  You cold think of it like ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’ without the NPR respectability.
While the humor is often lowbrow, Holmes is a charming host, and the guests are usually quite witty in between the poop and dick jokes.  The show is divided into three rounds.  First, the panels answer current events trivia.  Then, there is a round of games in which the guests try and answer questions about odd bits of the other country’s pop culture.  Finally, there is the last and most important round which is a creative challenge of some kind, where the comics have to defend the worst bits of their own culture or attack something beloved of their opponents, such as Doctor Who or Spider-Man.  There is a nice variety to the games, and they are quite entertaining.
International Waters is available from the Maximum Fun network and comes out twice a month.  It’s a great addition to stand-up fans, Anglophiles, and ex-pats alike.

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