Supervillain Corner
Written, Produced, and Hosted by Christopher Morse

How do you bring a super-villain to life?  For actor and podcaster Christopher Morse, it seems like it’s as easy as opening his mouth.  The creator of Supervillain Corner, Chris steps into the roles of a huge cast of powered villains and heroes, from the brilliant Professor Brainfever to the ever-vigilant Nocturnal Knight.  Every wanted to how heroes find time to fall in love, or what to do when your diabolical plan is foiled?  This podcast has the answers.
Each episode is hosted by a different character as they reveal a little bit of their world and give advice to would-be rulers of the world or saviors.  And when Chris isn’t behind the mic, he gets a little help from stellar podcasting talents like Christiana Ellis, Dave Robison, and Veronica Giguere.
Obviously it can’t be as easy as all that, though, because the effort that goes in to each episode really shows.  From the sharp-witted and gloriously nerdy scripts to the impeccable voice-work and sound design, this is an outstanding and enjoyable program worth more than any doomsday device.  I especially enjoy the in-world promos that Chris includes in every episode.  From Superhero tailors and costume designers to Henchperson H R services and Supervillain dating websites, they’re hilarious and spot on.
Supervillain Corner has been on hiatus for far too long, but has just launched its third season, “Supervillain World.”  Chris has always peppered in an ongoing plot with his villainous hijinks and advice, and this is a great place for new listeners to jump onboard.

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