Coxwood History Fun Cast
Written and Produced by K. T. Bryski
Those that don’t learn from history, are doomed.
This is the motto, nay, the mission statement of The Coxwood History Fun Cast, a full-cast audio horror comedy set in the world’s most evil living history museum.  If you liked “Welcome To Night Vale,” but wish it had more hoop skirts and opium dens, this is the podcast for you.
The story centers on the park’s social media rep, Katherine Sinclair.  Ms. Sinclair has it tough.  Her office is a broom closet, her boss is demonically possessed, and the interpreters all make fun of her.  But when disaster strikes, from witches to bloodthirsty groundhog armies, to, worst of all, fundraising, it’s up to her to save the day.  And get a quick podcast recording done as well.
While Coxwood’s production isn’t quite as polished as “Nightvale,” it has just as much humor, wit, and heart.  The oddball characters and farcical situations are brought to life by excellent voice acting, particularly P. C. Herring as one of the opium girls.  The characters have a perfect mix of strangeness and likability that makes this podcast a treat.  Writer and producer K. T. Bryski, (who also voices Katherine,) really knows her stuff, and pours her love of historical interpretation and podcasting into the work.  I especially enjoyed the character of Old Mabel, whose youth and sanity were taken by her own full-cast podcast.  And also moonshine.
The Coxwood History Fun Cast just completed its first season, and at the moment their is no word on a second, but I hope that we get another chance to visit the park, see the ballroom, complete with giant pulsing ball of evil energy, and have tea and authentic 19th century biscuits with the unspeakable horror.  No raisins please, they’re the food of the devil.
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