Hosted by Dave Robison, plus guests

The Roundtable Podcast is one of my favorite writing podcasts.  There are a lot of really excellent podcasts about writing, both podfaded and current, but The Roundtable is something else.  I like podcasts that introduce me to new authors.  I like podcasts that delve into the craft and business of writing, helping me to improve my own work.  I really like podcasts that are fun, and show a more personal side of my favorite authors.  The Roundtable podcast is all three.
Originally hosted by Dave Robison and Brion Humphrey, The Roundtable is a bridge between aspiring and professional authors.  They divide the show into two types of episodes: “Twenty Minutes With” interview segments, and Roundtable Workshop sessions.  In the former, Dave and a second chair conduct an informal interview with a professional writer.  These are always fantastically inspiring and entertaining rap sessions, although they always go at least twice as long as advertised.  Theres’ so much goodness in each one that I’d feel cheated if they trimmed it down, though.  In the Brainstorming sessions, they bring on a less experienced writer, and help them brainstorm a story idea.  These are also great.  Not only is it a rarely-seen peek on the creative process, it is an affirmation that perseverance and hard work pays off in an industry that all too often seems governed by luck and chance.
Every second of The Roundtable Podcast is infused with Dave’s vibrant and effervescent personality.  Combining a wonderful talent for research and an otherworldly skill for promotion, he introduces each guest writer and host with a flare that is uniquely his own, and relentlessly positive.  The show is firmly rooted int the philosophy that with enough effort, thought, and encouragement, every writer can transform their story ideas from dross to literary gold.
I myself have benefitted from taking a story on the show.  It isn’t finished yet, but someday I hope to publish it, and be ‘knighted’ by the hosts.
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