Produced by Bryan Lincoln
Written by Jay Smith

“Hidden Harbor Mysteries” is a lost 1930’s radio drama that never existed.  Dreamed up by HG World creator Jay Smith, and brought to live by Fullcast podcast-producting powerhouse Bryan Lincoln, the podcast recreates the feel of a radio show with an astounding level of verisimilitude, and touch of weirdness.
Supposedly recorded in 1936, and set in a vision of post-World War II America locked in a hot war with the Soviet Union, Hidden Harbor Mysteries is a pulp serial in the tradition of “The Shadow.”  The series stars Veronica Giguerre as “The Femme Phantom,” a crime-fighting socialite with as yet mysterious powers, and features an array of talented podcasters and voice actors including Dave Robbison, Rish Outfield, and Renee Chambliss.  With three episodes released as of this review, it is classic pulpy fun, with a few clever nods to the genre.
I will admit that I haven’t listened to Smith’s other projects, but this one has me hooked.  The writing is sharp and sly, mixing a modern sensibility with period style.  The delivery is also top notch, with great performances by Veronica and Dave in particular.  But the real hook here is the presentation.  Smith’s writing, the cast’s performances, and Producer Bryan Lincoln’s masterful skills with audio editing software recreate the experience of tuning in to a 1936 broadcast with 2014 technology.  It is challenging enough for a fullcast producer to create the illusion that the actors are in the same room.  Bryan has managed to do one better, bringing a live on-air both from eighty years ago back to life.  This illusion is further sold by the stylish intros and outros, complete with cigarette ads touting doctor recommendations.
Hidden Harbor Mysteries is a classic pulp adventure for the modern podcast listener.  Check it out at their website, or subscribe in iTunes.