It’s about time I introduced myself.

At Balticon last month, I was on a Social Media Promotion panel with the brilliant and talented J. R. Blackwell. Her advice was for authors to introduce themselves once in a while, and while I do have my ‘about’ page, I figured it is about time that I gave it another shot.

Hi, I’m Hugh.

I’m a writer. Mostly the things I write are fantasy or science fiction stories, but sometimes I do other things. I’ve had stories published in Over My Dead Body! The Method to the Madness Anthology, Bards and Sages Quarterly, Every Photo Tells, Air Out My Shorts, and a few other places.

I’ve also published a few short stories electronically.

I’m working on a slightly off-kilter sword and sorcery stories called “The Freelance Hunters.” I have written a handful of novels but I haven’t published any of them because I’m very bad at long form editing.

When I started writing, my goal was to become a SFWA member. I’m not sure what my writing goals are now beyond finishing the next project.

I’m a podcaster. I host and edit The Way of the Buffalo podcast. We read short fiction and interview writers, artists, and podcasters. I meant it to be a showcase for the amazing creative people working in electronic media. I hope that shines through.

I’m in the middle of producing the podcast audio book of The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer. The project is read by Veronica Giguerre. I’ve taken several hiatuses on this project to learn what the hell I’m doing. Creating an audiobook is very different than making an unrelated short fiction podcast. It’s coming back this summer, but I’m not releasing it until I’m done.

I’m gay, and two years ago I was able to legally marry my husband. Neither of us really planned for a marriage, but having that right recognized makes me feel indebted to the world. I’m trying to stand up for my community more. I’m not always sure I succeed.

I’m 32 years old. This makes me older than my parents age when I was born, and I still don’t feel like an adult yet.

But enough about me. Tell me a little about yourself!