Here’s one of the two drabbles I wrote at this year’s Dueling Drabbles panel at Balticon.  This story’s prompts were:  Antarctica, A Colonel, and A Palm Tree.  Enjoy!


The Colonel stared at the banner and frowned.  ‘Bon Voyage’ was scrawled across it in cheerful rainbow letters.  He wasn’t sure, but he suspected the font was comic sans.

“You don’t like it,” his sister said.  She had promised she wasn’t throwing him a surprise party.

“it’s not that,” he said, even though it was.  “But you do remember where they are sending me, right?”

“Oh,” she said.  “I had thought you said Antigua.”  She had decided to make it a beach party.  Plastic palm trees, beach balls, the works.  He tried to relax.  Tomorrow, he was flying to Antarctica.