Elanterra, otherwise known as the Grand Isle, the Island of Mystery, and the Sealed Lands, is a large island some 300 miles west of the continent of Surtia. Much like the fabled Five Kingdoms far to the east, storm, remoteness of geography, and other factors have kept the island isolated from the rest of the world for centuries. The Island was a major battleground during the Godswar, and is thought to hold the sealing-place of the Nameless God of the Orcs and wild tribes, many of whom survive on the island. Elanterra is also home to thriving civilizations of Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Hill-folk and River-Folk.

Exact measurements are inexact, but the the Island is estimated to be a landmass of roughly 150,000 square miles, consisting of vast forests, mountain ranges, and plains. The climate is temperate, with hot summers and cold winters, particularly in the northern mountain ranges.

Much of the island’s early history has been lost due to the direct intervention of the Nameless God and his subsequent destruction. The Island is said to have once hosted a shining golden age, when all the peoples lived in peace and cooperation. While intricate and vast ruins remain, little other evidence of these utopian civilizations is left. The exact spot of the Nameless God’s sealing, and that of his dark allies, is also unknown, although adventurers and cultists scour the island looking for them.

Although the Nameless God is lost, gods grant forever, The Surtian Empire has devoted an entire fleet of warships to patrolling the waters around the island. This blockade, combined with the weather, has effectively stopped all but the hardiest of travelers from making the crossing.

While the Golden Age of cooperation between the Five Peoples ended with the war, the treaties that bind them together still function, for the most part. For the most part, their civilizations and kingdoms keep to themselves, although the lowlands in the center of the Island feature many settlements where Dwarves, Humans, and Hill-folk live side-by-side. The Elves maintain their Heartwood, and do not welcome visitors. Half-elves, the scion of ancient pairings between Humans and Elves, are surprisingly common, and can be found in nearly every human city. They usually are treated as an underclass, and have almost no rights or privileges, however. The only place where all five people can be seen rubbing elbows is the great city of Carabos, center of learning, trade, and arts on Elanterra. The River-folk are the original settlers, but due to their unusual nature, all People have access to some sort of education and even governance in the city. The Grand Isle is home to vast wilderness, teaming cities, and untold wonders and magic. This document attempts to reveal just a few of its mysteries.

Compiler’s Note: Much of this short introductory entry remains accurate to this day. Carabos is the center of trade and education on the Island. Border wars have recently begun to flare up, such as the protracted skirmishes between the human kingdom of Argonia and the dwarven capital at Ferros, but the ancient treaties still hold The Elves have retreated even further into their isolation, and do not even maintain a presence at Carabos. No credible tale of Elves appearing outside of their forest borders has been verified in over a century. The reasons for their introversion remain a mystery. –G.B.

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