“What is a fantasy map but a space beyond which There Be Dragons?”

–Terry Pratchett, The Color of Magic

The collection of articles known as the “Elanterra Journal” consists of a series of scholarly entries detailing the geography, culture, and lifestyles of the inhabitants of the Grand Island. These documents have been published, banned, translated and studied for centuries, and their history is so muddied at this point that little, if anything can be ascertained about the identity or purpose of the original authors. Translators and copiers make a habit of updating information whenever a new copy is produced, and it is traditional to include some small factual errors of the scribe’s invention in each new edition.

Although the earliest known editions can be traced back to Carabos Academy and were probably produced in the late 600’s, these copies are far from extant. Records prior to this time are unreliable due to the ancient wars. Further confusion exists as to what entries are ‘canon’ articles and which are forgeries or later additions. I have taken it upon myself to reconcile these versions as much as possible, and provide a definitive edition. It is my hope that such a volume will prove scholarly insight into the work as well as a boon to travelers across Elanterra.

Gloriana Bywater,

Master of Thaumaturgical Studies,

Carabos Academy

Winter, 1527

“Elanterra Journal” is a look into the People, Places, and history of the Island of Elanterra, the setting of the Freelance Hunters stories.   “Glory’s Gauntlet,” an ebook collection of four Freelance Hunters stories is available from Amazon and Smashwords.