Bandette #1 written by Paul Tobin, art by Colleen Coover published by Monkey Brain Comics and available via Comixology.

Disclaimer: I recently interviewed Ms. Coover and Mr. Tobin on The Way of the Buffalo Podcast. They were delightful.

Also: For the month of November, Monkey Brain Comics will be donating its portion of sales to The Hero Initiative.

Bandette” is my kind of comic: a fun, light, bite of adventure and atmosphere available at a discount price as a digital download. One of the launch titles for Chris Roberson’s Monkey Brain line of creator-owned digital comics, “Bandette” is the story of a faux-french thief whose exploits occasionally put her on the right side of the law. In the opening pages, she explains her dubious legal philosophies to a puppy she meets in the mansion of one of the ‘bad guys’ she steals from. “This is called justice. Or larceny, one of the two.”

Bandette” is refreshingly light hearted, with beautiful ink washed art and cartoonish character designs that reinforce the timeless, child-like frivolity of the comic. It feels both modernly hip, with a heroine who is smart, resourceful, and just a touch immoral, but with the delightfully retro style of “The Pink Panther” and “Lupin III.”

Coming in with a scant 13 pages of story, issue one is a quick jaunt of a tale, both quaintly familiar and unique. In a comics market where the major publishers are rushing to embrace grim and gritty, the charm and wit of Bandette #1 makes a perfect remise en bouche.