The City: 014: Ingmar

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Dawn hadn’t been very specific, but it sounded like they would need a car, at the very least.  The only friend Xue knew that had one was Ingmar, but he and Dawn did not get along.  Great.  She booted her phone’s translator and connected.
“Hi, it’s Xue.  I need you to do me a favor…”
Traffic was glacial all throughout the city.  It took them nearly two hours to reach the financial district.  The sight of Dawn dangling helplessly from a gargoyle was worth it though.  Ingmar laughed so hard he could barely record her annoyed frown without camera shake.


The City: 011: Xue

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Xue was feeding the ducks when she got Dawn’s message.  She liked ducks.  They didn’t build, didn’t destroy, didn’t do anything but swim and eat bread crumbs.  Feeding the ducks was her favorite thing to do in the City.  It was a meditation, a retreat from the pressure and demands of school and family.  It was not that she was ungrateful.  Her future was being formed like a diamond by that pressure.  But too much and she would collapse instead.

She listened to it twice, gave up and ran the translation.
“Please come pick me up?  I’m kind of stuck.”

The City: 001: Dawn


Dawn loomed over The City.  She stood and watched the rising sun filter through block after block from her vantage on the roof of Midas Corp. Tower.  She had climbed up without light, making the perilous trip by memory and relying on a FAQ when the going got tough.  There wasn’t anything up here, but it was the best view short of buying your own plane.  And who had the credits to waste on something like that?  This was her city, and she was its vagabond master.  It was a new day, and below her adventure was waiting.  She Jumped.

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